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Educated opinions – gay in skateboarding.

With what seems like a growing amount of Bogans, fight gyms and just a general overdose of testosterone going on everywhere you look, the acceptance of same-sex relationships, either males or females, is slowly making ground in the Land of Down Under. Skateboarding is, in most eyes, a bit of a manly type sport, performed by guys that don’t mind taking a few slams, washing isn’t a priority in most of us and an often overall rough, “manly” type of persona surrounds many of our established ambassadors. But one thing I’ve always noticed is that skateboarders are welcoming to anyone. Whether it’s race, class or sexuality, if you have a piece of wood with wheels on it, you’re alright by us. I asked a few well known names what they reckon and was, as expected, proud of the positive response.

What’s your thoughts on homosexuality within skateboarding?

Here are some responses:

Shane Azar – I am not apposed. I have seen heaps of Oz skaters make out with dudes. Ones that you would least expect to do so. Growing up, skateboarding was full of social outcasts, generally rougher, tougher street kids. But these days kids in general are softer. Cut from a higher thread count I guess you could say. So I am sure we are going to see many more gay skateboarders, but bring it on, the more skaters the better. The Australian skate industry could use the support.

Dean Palmer – Friendship is gay.

Nathan Jackson – I don’t think it matters at all. They could be a really good skater and a cool person to skate with so that’s all that matters really.

Cameron Sparx –  (A: delete) I’m completely cool with it. I couldn’t give two shits if you’re gay, straight, bi-sexual, A-sexual, B-sexual or even completely celibate! What matters is the type of person you are. If you’re a good human that’s all that matters! Nothing else.

Izy Mutu – I think it shouldn’t matter and why does anyone have a right to say who or what’s right or wrong, good or bad? It’s all about stereotypes and what’s the ‘norm’ I guess. I think that’s why it seems so accepted that many female skateboarders are gay because it is such a stereotype anyway. But it seems it is the opposite for a guy skater that is homosexual because that’s not what is expected of them. Also because any skateboarders, especially pros that have come out, have copped a lot of shit publicly because of their sexuality and most people have heard or made jokes about them. I doubt that makes it any easier to put yourself out there and go, ‘hey I’m like that guy too’. And then for the people around them to react the way that they think is expected of them for fear of being mistaken as a homosexual as well? I dunno, I had the opposite battle that everyone assumed I was gay because I rode a skateboard – haha.

Jack Crook – I think that all these weird-as-fuck, introverted kids who love skateboarding more than a LAN freak loves a World of Warcraft sesh are gay as hell. Up the badass legends from back in the day who loved skateboarding but actually inspired people off the board as well as on. These days, peoples’ favourite skaters are actually some monotone disgustingly skate-obsessed child that spends 13 hours of the day training on the 7-stair rail they cried ’til their poor, disappointed mum built them. That’s gay. Go skating and then go get maggot, or have a conversation. But actually referring to homosexuality, I think Brian Anderson can make varial flips look sexy, am I gay?

Jake Duncombe – I wish there were more. Brian Anderson has and still is one of my favorite skaters and an even better human not to mention the gays sure do know how to party – haha.

Dave Harris – We all have a good time and push the boundaries from time to time but if you’re comfortable in your own sexuality then I don’t see how there could or would be a problem.

Jeremy Corea – If that’s what floats your boat then hell yeah, fuck it. Do your thing. I ain’t hating. If you are an openly gay skateboarder and don’t give a fuck why should anyone else!? Genuine individuality is an inspiring thing!

Waterloo George – I think it’s pretty funny. Even when they fall over and make gay sounds, it’s all good. More power to them!!

Morgan Cambell – I am definitely cool with it. One of skateboarding’s flaws is how homophobic and chauvinist it is. I think that if more skateboarders ‘come out’ it is only going to improve us as a whole. We are living in 2013, but sometimes the backwards thinking that is involved in our culture is more indicative of an era such as the ’50s.







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